We are polish company with international reach, present in more than 30 countries

We have been active in multi-level marketing system since 2017. We offer a unique products based on original recipes that are distinguished by amazing fragrances composed of French fragrance oils.

Hundreds of thousands Partners from different countries have trusted us


We are one of the most dynamically developing companies in network industry and we offer to our Partners many opportunities to develop and earn money.

Discover the benefits of cooperating with us:

  • we have high quality products that are unique un every aspect - from composition and effect to original design
  • we have a landmark Career Plan more
  • we offer an Efficiency Bonus more
  • we provide know-how, promotional and sales materials, necessary tools and full support on every step of your development
  • you work where you want, when you want and as much as you want
  • you can take part in attractive incentive programs more
  • you can take advantage of special offers - for our Partners only
  • you do not bear any financial risk

We offer you:

  • 36% of the general turnover to share
  • 15 Positions doable to achieve and well set transitions between positions
  • Very easy and clear system of conventional and compensation points that rewards achieving the higher Positions
  • the minimal monthly Personal Turnover is only 100 points

Choose the best cooperation option
for you and start changing your life!

Purchase the products with discount, earn on promoting and selling them or build your own structure and receive the renumeration for its effects.

Option 1

You save by buying wisely

Purchase our products using the discount and special offers.

How does it work:

Every Partner receives up 10% to 25% of discount on products from the catalogue.
Thanks to that you can buy them cheaper for your own use and save. You can also sell them, and the difference between Partner price and price od sellinf is your saving.

You save your time with us! Purchase the products via Internet and the courier will deliver them to the place indicated by you. Fast and easy!

Option 2

You earn by selling

We care about a good price of our products, and you can earn on them - you can sell them and earn a margain.

How does it work:

It's very easy. You just show the catalogue to your friends and ask them if they would like to order the Prouvé products with you. The difference between the Partner price and price of selling is your immediate profit!

Option 3

You earn by recommending

Cooperating with Prouvé you can earn through recommending.

How does it work:

Ask your friends and current clients if they would like to become Partners of Prouvé and shop on their own. If they do, you’ll become a Recommending Person and help them to become Partners. You start building your own Structure.

Each products in the catalogue is worth a specific number of points. Whenever you buy the products, your Partner Account will be credited with an appropriate number of points. When Partners from your Structure buy products, both you and them score points. Every month, the points earned for the products you and the Partners from your Structure bought qualifiy you to one of the Position from Career Plan. For a specific Position and for your and your Structure’s turnover every month you can get a rebate or remuneration - even up to 150 000 PN!*

* assuming the model way of building a structure (based on 5 legs - more in Career Plan)