International premiere of the new Prouvé catalogue

On 24 September a special meeting took place in Topacz Castle, where our Ambassadors and Partners got to know the new, fifth catalogue and product novelties. They were also rewarded for their promotions and achievements.

During the whole event, there was no shortage of both excitement and emotion, as the Prouvé Ambassadors from different countries were able to meet again in person after many months.

The evening began with a presentation of autumn novelties in our offer and the premiere of a film about a series of Skin Balance Moisturising face care cosmetics. Guests could not only try new products, but also talk about them with an invited expert.

This meeting was also the culmination of a great year of brand development. Ambassadors from Poland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania received statuettes and awards from Katarzyna Trawińska, owner of Prouve, for their spectacular promotions and achievements.

A special conversation with the Ambassadors, who successfully develop their structures, provided a large dose of knowledge. Desislava Atanasova (Ambassador 2 gold stars from Bulgaria), Dariusz Respondek (double Ambassador 5 and 3 gold stars from Poland), Nuno Oliveira (Ambassador 5 gold stars from Portugal), Wojciech Paciorek (Ambassador 4 gold stars from Poland), Martin Metodiev (Ambassador 3 gold stars from Spain) and József Bagdi (Ambassador 3 gold stars from Hungary), shared their experience and revealed some secrets about their MLM business. Among other things, they talked about how they operate, the differences they see between different countries, how to maintain good relationships within the structure and why this business is good for couples.   

This event confirmed that Prouvé is more than a company. It is a place that brings together wonderful people who spread their wings here and change lives for the better.

You can watch coverage of the launch on our profile on Instagram.