Molecular perfume

To understand what molecular perfume is and how it works you need to take into account the way we – humans – work. Despite all the similar traits we share, each and every one of us wants to be different and unique.

We all long for that feeling of being one of a kind but in this day and age it’s quite a challenge. That’s why we created something that will give you a chance to express yourself and to show your true colors. You’ll become an artist by creating something new and special. That’s what molecular perfume is – a way of expressing your extraordinary self in a scent.

Molecular perfume all have a beautiful scent on it’s own but what makes it special is it’s ability to mix with each other creating a completely new scent. You can combine them however you like, experiment with proportions and discover something new every day.

It’s almost like magic, isn’t it? By buying 2, 3 or 5 bottles you suddenly own a collection of hundreds fragrances. And you’re the one who decides what they are. You can choose a scent by matching it to your mood, weather, seasons or the occasion. You can wear different combinations everyday of the year and never run out of possibilities.

Prouve’s goal is to help you uncover your true colors and your own creativity. You’re the one who knows best what you love, which scent makes you happy and which one relaxes you after a long day. Your individuality should be something you’re proud of.

Try it and you’ll see for yourself what a magical experience it is. Find your own perfect scent.