The power of fragrance. How does it affect us?

It is said that scent is to the nose what music is to the ears. We often underestimate its power and do not realize how it affects us and our lives.

Each of us can perceive scents in a slightly different way and our sensitivity to them changes due to various factors, e.g. time of day or mood. The perception of specific fragrances, as well as our fragrance preferences change with age and experiences. Usually it is women who have a better smell and are able to distinguish more scents than men. But we are all able to distinguish more scents than colours.

Sometimes we do not even realize how much the scents around us stimulate our imagination and influence our emotions and the choices we make. They are also very much linked to our memories. Some aromas will remind us of specific places, people and situations throughout our lives. Fragrant memories are much more lasting and evoke much greater emotions than those evoked by a given sound or image.

How we are influenced by fragrances and how we perceive them individually has not been fully explained so far. We know which scents can make us calmer and more relaxed, which stimulate us to act, and which, for example, stimulate desire.

Did you know that:

Citrus fragrances have a stimulating effect, just like good coffee. They improve the mood and give us the will to act.

Lavender has a relaxing and calming effect. That's why lavender perfume with a lavender note is worth using when you have a nervous day or a stressful meeting.

The oriental scents give us confidence.

Perfumes with a hint of sensual musk make us feel more attractive.

The scent of vanilla improves the mood and people who smell of vanilla seem to be more open.

Fruit scents (e.g. blackcurrant, strawberry, peach) should be used when we want to rejuvenate a little and reduce the distance.

The scent of white flowers (jasmine, tuberose, gardenia) is perfect for a date when we want to emphasize our sensuality.