The scent of love

How to seduce with fragrance? Which perfume will boost your senses? We reveal for you the secrets of the scent of love.

There are many ways to get the attention of the person we like. There are also many ways to keep feelings and passion at a high level in a relationship. One of them is fragrance, which has a very strong influence on our emotions and feelings.


Love at first... scent

Some say there is no love at first sight - instead there is love at first scent. It is believed that not only pheromones, which are volatile chemical substances produced by our body, trigger emotions and specific reactions in others. This is also influenced by the perfume we use. What and how a person smells can determine the first impression, arouse our interest or the opposite. Scents are the invisible bonds that connect us with our other half.

The power of connecting the scent of perfume with our feelings is demonstrated by the fact that when we think of a person we love or have loved, we often immediately recall the scent of their perfume. We may not even remember exactly what someone who aroused emotions in us looked like, but the memory of their scent is still intensive. It is the scent that is most strongly rooted in the long term memory, even for many years. By comparison, visual impressions remain in the memory from few days to few weeks.


How to seduce with fragrance?

Just like clothes, gestures and words, scent can be an effective means of seduction. Although each of us has different fragrance preferences, we can distinguish several aromas, which evoke similar emotions in most of us. And since we are writing about the scent of love, we will focus on aromas-aphrodisiacs, which captivate the senses, stimulate the imagination and are perfect not only for Valentine's Day date:


Its warm, sweet, enveloping scent is associated with softness, cosiness and encourages to touch. It has a relaxing and mood-enhancing effect.

White flowers

Jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang, gardenia or orange blossom have an extremely sensual and sexy aroma. They help you feel comfortable, energise, intoxicate. The scent of jasmine is considered one of the most erotic in the world.

Musk and ambergris

These "animal" scents have an extremely strong effect on us. The balsamic, intense and warm aroma of musk has been used for centuries in the art of seduction, for example in China and India. The oriental ambergris has a relaxing and mood-enhancing effect. Casanova believed in its seductive power and was happy to use it.   

Sandalwood and cedar

The stimulating, resinous and spicy scent of sandalwood is hard to resist. It was eagerly used by Cleopatra, who filled her bedrooms with its aroma. The distinctive, deep, resinous scent of cedar also stimulates the senses.


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