What is Grasse famous for?

French Grasse is almost magical. When last rays of setting sun are touching stones, houses and narrows streets, a warm wind comes from nearby fields and brings beautiful rose and jasmine aroma to complete a scene straight from fairytale.

In small workshops you can meet masters of their craft, leaning over compositions that in just a short while will wake hidden emotions inside of us. Most guarded and valued recipes are passed down from generation to generation that work restlessly at perfecting it as the years  go by to faithfully showcase durability and uniqueness of the most beautiful scents. Because in Grasse what is fleeting and elusive is given it’s own perfect form.

Since XVIII century Grasse is known for it’s perfume industry. It’s the center of not only French but also worldwide production of natural essential oils. Warm microclimate of the Azure Coast makes jasmine and roses that grow here one of the kind. Everyone who got the chance to smell mind-blowing scents knows that such a perfect beauty is unheard of. That’s why it’s the only place in the world where compositions of Prouve could come into being.