Washing is an intimate ritual that helps you to relax, cleanses your body and soul and allows you to wash away the stress and release the tension. The morning shower invigorates and spurs you into action, while the evening bath improves your mood and relieves fatigue after a long day. With this special moment in mind, we created a delicate body wash that will offer you a daily dose of pure pleasure. It contains XeradinTM, a unique, plant-based ingredient, which is a natural source of 24-hour moisturisation. Its special oil formula creates a delicate foam that perfectly cleans and conditions your skin, leaving it refreshed. And the marvellous scent of original French essential oils will help you relax and unwind even more, transporting you to the world of senses.

What our secret is: The botanic complex of extracts from five algae rich in mineral salts, calcium, phosphorus, iodine and vitamins, that naturally revitalize and improve the appearance of your skin.

Why you’ll like it: For the fantastically fragrant, soft and velvet-smooth skin that stays moisturized for a long time.

What this lovely scent is: Black currant, bergamot, rose, lily of the valley, moss and cedar wood comprise a fragrant composition both of you will readily use.

How to use it: Apply a small amount of wash on wet skin, massage delicately until velvety foam appears, then rinse.