How to make the glass panels crystal clear? Would you love to get rid of dirt from windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces quickly, efficiently and effortlessly? Forget time-consuming washing and polishing, and get rid of annoying streaks once and for all. From now on even such problematic surfaces can be a pleasure to clean. Our Glass & Mirror Spray Is easily distributed over the surface and safely removes all impurities, including grease, dust, soot and powder particles. The alcohol content makes it evaporate quickly, thus leaving no streaks or stains. See for yourself how easy it is to take care of the glass surfaces in your home and enjoy their pristine cleanliness.

Our secret: the spray ingredients dampen the cleaned surface well and make the dirt particles attach to each other, allowing you to quickly remove dirt from windows and mirrors, including annoying greasy hand prints.

What you can use it for:  cleaning windows and window frames, car windows, shower cubicles, gazebos, mirrors, crystals, glass lamp shades. For colored, tinted and stained glass, including stained glass windows. We also recommend using it on articles made of plastic and plexiglass.

What else have we taken care of for you: we made sure that it is completely ammonia-free.

What is that beautiful scent: juicy fruit, floral notes and sensual musk

Recommended replaceable accessories: double duty nozzle





See how simple it is to use: spray a small amount on the surface to be cleaned (from a distance of about 15 cm) and wipe with a dry cloth. Never leave a glass surface to dry completely.

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